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For maximum lifting weights, I wouldn't trust numbers given to you from someone who has a similar boat, as the chances of them having the identical mast and boom are slim. What you need to ask for, is lifting capacity for an aluminum mast, of whatever schedule yours is, of whatever length yours is, including the same particulars for your boom, held by whatever standing rigging yours has, including the positioning of the stays and their diameter and material. The length of the boom is critical in determining what loading is being transferred to the mast and stays.

Then there is the mast step. What material, how is the mast fastened into it, etcetera.

You might try lifting something that weighs whatever your projected maximum might be, with the weights of dinghy, OB, fuel, anchor, lines, PFDs, flares, wetness etc all counted. Try this slowly, noting whether your pieces are showing any signs of strain. If it all works, you are good to go and put it to a real test with a real dinghy.

From personal experience: When I got my boat, it came with a mast and boom. The mast looked good, it was aluminum, stepped in an aluminum tabernacle on the upper deck, with stays, and with an aluminum boom.
I had a Sabot, 8' sailing dinghy. The class rules require a minimum weight of 52 pounds, fully rigged. Mine weighed in within ounces of that minimum ( I rarely lost a race in it), so stripping off all the removable stuff it shouldn't weigh more than 35 pounds. That turned out to be too much for the tabernacle, (the weak link in the system) as it collapsed, as soon as I lifted the bare hull of the Sabot clear of the water.
The tabernacle was immediately replaced. The mast and boom within a few years, extending the boom so that it could reach outboard far enough to lift from the centre of the design load, a Laser sailboat weighing over 150 lb. I also designed the supports so that no stays are needed, as their positioning effectively barred entry to the Flybridge, as I assume yours will do too.
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