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Originally Posted by GinTime View Post
From the owner, it was in "very good condition" just needing a good scrubbing...Wow, this boat was a wreck!
I saw a lot like that. Not sure why so many people become more dishonest than a used-car salesman the moment they make the decision to sell their boat.

The story usually goes something like this: Boat was someone's pride and joy. They bought it new, or in Bristol condition, and lovingly maintained it for years.

Age, infirmity, illness or death in the family, or lack of interest eventually eroded their zeal for maintenance. But rather than sell, they kept the boat tied up somewhere as a trophy to what was, or what might have been. All the time letting it die a slow death from deferred maintenance.

When they finally get around to selling, nobody wants to buy it. The seller can't understand why the buyer can't see how beautiful it once was, or why it's not worth what they paid for it in 1990.

It's sad. Sad for the boat, sad for the people and their lost dreams.

Wow, sorry if that was a bit of a downer. Apparently boat buying offered me a window on human nature that affected me more deeply than I thought.

But I think there's a lesson there for all of us. One I do not intend to forget.
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