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Retiring in a short few 5 or so years. Boating in local waters around Topsail, Figure 8, Wrightsville Masonboro and Carolina Beach in a 20 foot Key West. Lovely Bride and I dreaming of a lifestyle change. Keep the already downsized house in Wilmington and have a 40 foot or so winter trawler home based in Florida. Gotta be semi-displacement so we can hurry when my mate wants to "just get there." Gotta have a Queen sized bed (preferably island queen). Gotta have separate shower stall. Gotta have a flybridge and dink. Gotta be capable of fair weather gulf stream crossing and anchor living. Relative economy (considering semi-displacement) at 8 to 10 knots, capable of expensive burst of speed. Reliablility and relatively low maintenance feeds my engineers soul. Looking for the Toyota of the breed. I'd rather buy well vetted used than new any day. Anything over $200k won't do at purchase time 3-4 years from now but depreciation may bring some vessels out of reach today into reach then. This is a stretch dream, but that's how we get there.

Thanks for listening. Appreciate your friendship, tips, advice and counsel.
Nice dream. Welcome !
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