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I think they were as popular as they were/are partly because of the name. People love a cute name. My mom really liked leeks and I think she like the name as much or more than the leeks.

The Classic style (aft cabin?) is a lot lighter up high where it counts more but it looks like a lot more weight generally speaking. A heavier boat.

I'd rather have a boat like Marin's. More business-like and salty or w more apparent seaworthyness. More proper looking and well .. classic. They'd look more at home crossing Dixon Entrance on a snotty day.

But the extra shelter where it's sunny or here in the PNW where it's rainy the extra shelter makes sense. When I bought Willy one of the first things I thought I'd be doing is adding an aft cockpit cover. Spray rails too but neither seemed important enough to do as time went on .. Especially the spray rails.

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