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Originally Posted by ktdtx View Post
I've tried to like E-Books but I enjoy the charts, maps, diagrams and photos that many books have in them and they don't seem to translate well to E-Books, at least the ones I've read.

I do like the ability to carry 347 books in one hand rather than many boxes.
I guess it depends on what device you're using for a reader. My kids use their iPhones for a reader, which my eyes can't handle. I've used everything from kindles of all types, to iPads, laptops, desktops, etc.

Some books say they are formatted for larger displays, which means that it isn't scaleable very well, or it requires color displays.

Kindles have gotten better lately with zoom / pan functions for images.

I'll admit that Kindles don't do well with PDF's and all the engine manufacturers only let you have engine manuals either printed or PDF...
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