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Originally Posted by hmason View Post
Not sure I understand what you mean by don't write about it.
It was partly facetious but also partly serious. We get a warped view of some of the dangerous adventures people undertake. Most of it comes from books written afterwards. Well, those who don't make it, get lost at sea or die along the way, can't write books and those for whom it is a nightmare and ends horribly are not inclined to write about it.

I mention this because so often people say, "yes, go ahead, so and so did it." As a result it is made to appear safer than it is.

Sailors especially love to refer to the 75 or 80 year old man who sailed single handed across a sea. Unfortunately those aren't the typical results.

Just because things may be possible doesn't mean they're advisable or likely to end positively. However, the negative side isn't romantic so is seldom written.
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