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Welcome aboard Keith.

Your requirements are similar to other recent posters here. Coastal US and the Loop can be done by vurtually any trawler, cruiser, motor yacht, etc. But be very careful that you really want to cruise to the eastern Caribbean. That mission requires a different set of issues than just cruising coastal US or even to the Bahamas.

The eastern Caribbean is notorious for routine 25 kt winds and 6-8' beam seas between islands. You won't find too many Grand Banks in the anchorages around those islands. It can be done on a standard Grand Banks, but you may not like it. It can be done more safely on something like a Krogen 42, but it still might not be very comfortable. A Krogen plus dynamic stabilizers will be comfortable and safe, but it will cost more than just a good coastal cruiser.

Many (including myself 15 years ago) had Caribbean aspirations that never panned out. Don't buy too much boat for what you really end up doing.

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