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Sea trial - Swift 34

We ran 3' seas from St. Pete to Ft Myers in our new 34. Seas were at 1 o'clock and I tipped the boat slightly to port and the ride was great at 17 knots. We rode st Pete to boca grande that way over 5 hrs. Later at pt Yerba we rode a storm anchored with 28 knot winds (on the AWS indicator) and 4' plus seas and the boat handled that very well. Because of the hard Chines it doesn't roll like a displacement or high dead rise hull: much less bit with gear and fuel/water it is light at 18000 pounds. The deep keel helps too. Tracks like a laser, no wander. My best top end so far is 23.8 mph at 6 degree bow rise. We're very impressed with the boat after 2 weeks. We like 7.8 mph at 1300 rpm and 8 lph fuel burn.
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