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Originally Posted by GFC View Post
They last anywhere from short, overnight trips to a month and a half at a time when we go down to AZ. We usually do that long trip a couple of times a winter.

If we didn't have the pets I would just shut everything down. Through a process of natural attrition we're going to be out of the pet business in a few years then we're going to REALLY do some traveling.
Are there perhaps people you know, friends or family, the pets would enjoy living with now, more than being alone for weeks at a time? Then perhaps they could stay with you some when you were home or you could visit them? I once had a friend who traveled a lot on business. Her cat stayed with "granny" when she was gone, which was more than when she was home. Granny would spoil her and not require her to follow all the same rules. We just laughed about it. Was nothing serious. But she had learned that knocking the can of treats into the floor worked for granny, whereas for her own human parent it only got the can put back on the table, but no treats.
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