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Originally Posted by cardude01 View Post
What kind of ship are you on? Are you a captain?

Reason I ask is I met two giant tankers on the ICW around Port Arthur and tried to get them on the radio to find out where I should go, but got no answer. Think I was on 16.

What's the protocol? I finally got one of the tug captains to answer.

This is the rig I'm on now:

Click image for larger version

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I'm currently sailing as first mate. I just got my unlimited tonnage master's license a few months ago. I've been practicing ship handling and waiting for an opening to move up.

I always monitor 16. I usually monitor 13, but it rarely gets used here on the lakes. I will almost always answer a call from pleasure boats, but it is a one man pilothouse, so on occasion I'm pretty busy up there. Some mates and captains won't bother answering the radio if it's 'just a small boat.' I don't agree with that logic, but it happens.

One thing to consider, if a commercial vessel is in a vessel traffic system, they'll be monitoring whatever channel that is, and sometimes won't be listening to 16 or 13. VTS channels around here are 11 and 12. Some places use 14, I think. I would try that first if you're in a VTS area. It's also a handy way to know where the big fellas are, if you don't have AIS.

As far as understanding a ship's intentions, it's a pretty safe bet that unless they're passing another ship, the captain will be nagging the mate to stay in the center of the channel.
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