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Originally Posted by ranger42c View Post
No ethanol-free available around here.

What I can buy (E10) lasts only about 3 weeks in the outboard tank, runs fine in that motor (5-hp, 2-stroke, certified for E10) during it's "lifetime," but it starts separating after that. No stabilizer product that I've tried so far has done squat to extend that period.

From time to time I use ethanol in both 2 cycle engines on our 15' Smokercraft when ethanol free gas isn't available, with no ill effects. But I take some additional precautions, which were recommended by the outboard shop that serviced both engines.

I had the carbs on both outboards rebuilt with ethanol tolerant seals (After the 15 HP kickers carb plugged up that is!!)

* Disconnect the fuel lines on both engines and run the outboard until the residual fuel is burned out after each use.

* I never leave the fuel in the tanks for more than a month.

* Removable tanks should be stored out of direct sunlight so the fuel isn't constantly heated and then cooled.

* If you're not going to use the engine for a while, dump the remaining fuel into a car or lawn mower and use it up.
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