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Steam power?

STEAM ,,, yet again?
<hr size="1" />There was a puff piece in Southern Boating about the Cyclone steam engine,

A Googe got.....

The Cyclone Engine
The Cyclone Engine is a Rankine Cycle heat regenerative external combustion, otherwise known as a Schoell Cycle engine. In short, the Cyclone is a 21st century, high efficiency, compact and powerful steam engine.

The Cyclone Engine is capable of running on virtually any fuel (or combination of fuels) including todays promising new bio fuels, while emitting far fewer pollutants than traditional gas or diesel powered internal combustion engines. To date, Cyclone has over 1,000 hours of running and testing our engines, has achieved verified thermal efficiencies above 30%, and is very close to putting the first of these engine models into small-scale commercial production.

From garden equipment and generators to cars, trucks, trains and ships, we see a day when our planet will be powered in a sustainable manner by just One Engine the Cyclone Engine.

Interesting stuff as most marinas have waste oil tanks , and PAY to have the oil removed.

Free cruising ,, for a while?

Trans ocean on salvaged floating plastic?

Talk about leaving a clean wake!!!

For liveaboards the universal boiler would be a great winter find to be able to heat the boat with whatever was cheapest.

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