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Memorial day..... We, arrive at the dock Thursday evening, cocktails and a midnight cruise. Woo hoo. Pull out of the marina, turn right and blow a steering line. Patch and return. That was close and Im glad I wasn't alone. Friday get up, repair copper line, install new toilet. Woo hoo. Leave to meet some friends at Ocean Isle, anchor the boat, blow up leaky dinghy, arrive on coast line and have a beer. Woo hoo. Leave coast, arrive at boat. Kris, my boat partner among other things, climbs on the boat then on the last step, slips and breaks two ribs on the swim platform, then has to climb back up again and makes it. Pull up the anchor and cut my hand, bleed everywhere while the gimp is driving and concerned for me now, between the pain grunts. Head back to Southport and tell her I think we should leave, but no. We stay at the dock and go to a local friend's house for bbq. Drink the pain away. Saturday we went to the er and wasted half a day away. Came back and cooked and drank until Tuesday morning. On and off of course, we don't have a problem, trust me. We are at my house now for the week because Kris cant fly back home now. All in all we both had a snapping good time.

So why could Kris get on the boat with broken ribs better than healthy.
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