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Originally Posted by BandB View Post
In South Florida it's definitely economic to clean quite frequently, although every two weeks is more than we've done. Usage of the boat does play into the need as well. Good regular cleanings can be done with very little impact on the paint. Most divers in South Florida are use to very frequent cleaning and the techniques to protect the paint. It sure does lengthen the time between painting versus a less frequent but more rigorous bottom cleaning.

I'm surprised to see similar recommendations for San Diego.
Agreed, BandB. Sherpa is in warm Florida waters (St. Petersburg) year-round and a monthly bottom cleaning is absolutely necessary. I use Petit Trinidad paint, which has held up well; but, barnacles will start to form on the bottom and running gear in less than a month when the water is at its warmest.

I prefer a clean bottom so my boat gets a monthly cleaning. From what I see in the yards, so many boaters in Florida neglect their bottoms. Only a few barnacles can adversely affect a boat's WOT.
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