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I was talking to a friend yesterday that told me of an individual who has a SS blk water holding tank. He is installing new heads that don't require a holding tank.

And just what heads would those be??? 'Cuz I don't know of any except composters that wouldn't. And unless he's in the caribbean or other tropical/subtropic climate where the temps are always WELL above 70, he's likely to regret installing those.

So he is gong to convert it to a fresh water tank.

Don't even consider it, for several reasons....starting with, urine is so corrosive that it'll turn any metal tank--even 316 stainless into a colander within an average of about 10 years, start leaking at a weld (seam or fitting) in an average of about 5 even if the tank is is only a few years old, it's already pitted and corroded, the only question is, how seriously. And...fresh water is chlorinated, which limits the average life of a metal water to tank to about 20 years...less if he's been adding a little bleach to each fill.

So what's he's gonna have is a damaged tank that he may or may not have been able to sanitize 100%...and he's gonna wash his face, wash his dishes, maybe even brush his teeth in water from that tank????

Do people have any idea how much water from their tanks they ingest even if they don't actually drink it? Wash your hands in it, then pick up a sandwich...rinse out a cup, then fill that cup with your "pure" bottled water...wash your dishes in it. Brush your teeth...Shower, or just wash your face, it gets on yr lips, in your eyes, in yr ears...

The good news is, he's gonna stop putting toilet waste into a metal tank before it starts leaking stinky stuff, which it's bound to do. Just a matter of when and what it will leak, not whether it will.
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