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I'd agree with B (or is it B). Take a bit of time and charter a few boats. Its waaaayyyyy cheaper (and fun) than buying a 200k boat that you may not be happy with. There are so many variations of boats, that having some first hand experience in boat types, layouts, and handling as well as gaining a bit of experience hands on in a bigger boat, is a very good idea.

The jump from lake boats to a 40'+ twin engine "ship" is a big leap... so my advice is take a bit of time, charter two or three boats and enjoy the process. There is a nice 42' Kroger you can charter in the Keys, for example.

Also, take a captain with you on the charter for the first two days (or more on the first one), which will result in some speed learning on navigation, handling, maneuvering and best of all... docking!

A captains wisdom is cheaper than self taught experience and quicker to obtain.

I know that doesn't really answer the question you asked, specifically, but its the best advice I can offer after 50+ years of boating... (in case anyone asks, I started boating when I was -20 :-).

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