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If you want a good old fashion MS which is not a bad thing, you won't be expecting sailing performance. The rig on this type of MS is meant for steadying get home and a little boost when the wind is right and the motor is pretty much always on. With the motor always running there is no point of talking tacking at 90 Degrees and 3k to wind. With a small rig you motor to wind with no jib and the main sail in tight just enough off dead on to prevent flogging. This usually gives a good sea motion and the little extra from the sail makes up for the sl angle off the wind. This is a technique I and many other cruising sailors commonly use when motor sailing to weather. If going down wind in a breeze no mainsail jib out and motor running. More modern motor sailors have moved toward a boat that can sail well without the motor running and have a lot of sailboat in there design. The older boats were motor boats with a short rig.
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