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Hi from a newbie

You going to need a big boat with large fuel tanks, probable full displacement and hull speed.* Fuel capacity around 1500 to 2000 gallons for 3 to 4,000 NM range?* I agree with you for blue water a boat should be stable/blue water capable with out stabilization.*

The reason fish are popular on trawlers is the hydraulic stabilizers are not very efficient at slow speeds and its hard to get a good angle for the fins.* I have had the major hydraulic stabilizers reps look at the Eagle and they said for the bucks, $30,000+, they would not be worth it. One sales rep did not even get out of the car. They addvised better to added ballast, twin keels, and/or active stabilizers fish.* Our keel and bilge is already filled with concrete so we can not add more*ballast, so I been looking at twin keels, sort of like hard chimes, to reduce/restrict the roll, and filled with concrete would added ballast.* I will have a marine engineer involved.**Some commercal trawler have them.*We will also added fish stabilizers but hopefully will not need/use them.* Sort of back up.

Our boat*is*58 ft, 43 tons single 671, 165 hp with 1200 gallons has a range around 2 to 2,500 miles. **If I was going to cross an ocean, I would be looking at steel commercial trawler or at least trawlers that were mfg/built that also built commercial trawlers.** So I would also walk/talk the commercial docks/yards as well.* Commercial is usually cheaper than pleasure as they do not have the glitz/shine, but they do have most of the creature comforts.* There is a 60 ft steel trawler, Steelady, at our dock I that drool over!* Its for sale if you are interested? *

Sails are becoming an option on some of the trawlers.* The sails are not the main power but they can increase the range.** There are also two 50+ ft motor sailors, one is steel that I also have look at. I talk to both owners that have been down/up the coast and they mostly motor and sail at the same time.* They both of 100 to 150 hp engines and 1000+ gallons tanks.* *The Steel on is for sale!
So I would be looking at a commercial trawler and/or a motor sailor in the 50+ ft range.*

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