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Hi BruceK,

I have looked at available boats in Australia.
We are looking at importing,

The issue is that Australia also has very few of the type of boat that we are looking for.

According to the international shippers we have consulted, the shipping cost from Australia is not a lot less than from (say) Florida.

Some "estimated" costs of importing a 34ft Trawler into NZ:

1) Shipping from Florida US$23.000
2) Import Duty 5%
3) New Zealand sales tax (GST) 15% of the landed cost
4) Other unforeseen costs.

So a vessel purchased for US$180.000 will cost us a minimum of: US$245.000

Add to this that the NZ$ is worth about US$0.73 as at today (say Au$0.94)

Believe it or not it is still worth bringing our trawler in from the US!

The main advantage of importing from Australia is (due to our free trade agreement) that there is no import duty. This is not enough to compensate for higher prices and less choice. American boats imported into Australia will already have (10%) GST and other costs paid. We then pay our GST!

We are, however, really looking forward to our eventual purchase.
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