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Welcome from a couple from Castine.

My advice would be to ignore a list of possible boats and manufacturers. Instead, really look at the type of cruising you want to do and the destinations you see yourself going to. Often, that will lead to the perfect boat to meet those needs.

Both manufacturers you're interested in are exceptional. We've given lectures at the annual Krogen rendezvous for the last 4-5 years and have a hundred friends there. I'm also in contact with a good 40 Nordhavn owners. Both are wonderful boats. Both have exceptional capabilities as well as compromises. No boat is perfect.

For example, it might well be that a Fleming would meet your needs better if you wanted less draft and more speed. A Selene, Grand Banks, Marlow, and many others all fall in the neighborhood of your first looking too. There are a tremendous number of great trawlers out there including some custom ones that might fit you perfectly.

If I were looking right now, I'd also consider working with a broker who specializes in trawlers. I especially like Judy Walden (JW Yachts) who has really only done trawlers for about 20 years. Working with her to determine your needs will result in an exceptional fit without running around on your own trying to see different things. The Miami Boat Show would be a great upcoming time to see boats in the Miami and Ft Lauderdale area.

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