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About three years ago I was looking at a 33 ft Hans Christian sailboat . It needed a lot of work , rotten bow sprit bad teak decks and all the running rigging needed replaced . It needed a new head the original was gone. The owner wanted 60 k . I offered him 30 with no survey and no questions . We agreed on 45 if the survey came to that . I tarped the boat because it couldn't stand it getting any wetter than it was. I worked with the broker a full day to get this boat ready for survey . I wanted it bad if you can't tell by now . I met the surveyor at the boat the next day . About halfway into the survey the surveyor stopped and asked me where we were at on the price. I told him I offered 30 and we agreed on 45 with survey . He said I can continue but your original offer is what it's worth . He only charged me for 1/2 of the survey . I still wanted the boat bad because I knew I could fix everything myself and the boat was on the waterway where I' m at so no trucking involved . My final offer was 40 k. I was also looking at the trawler that I have now on yacht world and had several ccnverstions with the owner/ broker but had not gone to look at
yet . The owner of the Hans Christian stood firm on the 45 k . I told him I was looking at a trawler and was probably going to get it . The day before I flew out to see the trawler they came back with a counter at 43,500 , not even splitting the differenceon a boat that was only worth 30 k . I bought the trawler that I have now and the Hans Christian is still for sale today .
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