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Three variables.

The seller believes they are sitting on a 'gold mine' and are perplexed at your claims.

The buyer is trying to negotiate a lower price.

The buyer AND seller have to agree on a price.

How the price is agreed is part of negotiation. This is adjusted either by having the seller do the required repairs for asking price, or the buyer getting a lower price (and having the repairs done to satisfy the insurance co) BUT, the unknown is.... if the repairs exceed what the buyer negotiated in the sales price.

Two things to keep in mind. Once you make the deal, your insurance co will know the results of the survey. Then you will have to show compliance with the recommendations. If you have concluded the deal then the rest is up to you. If the deal hinges upon successful repairs then it's on the seller. This costs more in the price generally. The unknown is a gamble. If you have a stomach for gambling, then go for a lower price, and finish the repairs yourself. If you don't feel like gambling, then have the owner do it (but risk the deal falling through)
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