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Originally Posted by seasalt007 View Post
I have one like Steve's and got it when they were called DryAire by the Air Products Co. I think they became Arrow Pneumatics later. I am not sure that they are still in business but I would like to know. The Dry Pal by Mermaid looks to be exactly the same deal in a different case. I bought mine in 1996 and paid $325.00. As I type this it is running on my current boat here in Southwest Florida. Here it is needed more in the summer than the winter. I first acquired it when living aboard in Galveston. The warm humid air inside the boat would condense to the point of almost raining when a cold front came through the area.

As far as I am concerned whatever the cost of a new one would be today, I would gladly spend the money again.
I was on the boat today this is the info of off the tag:
Arrow Pneumatics
2111W. 21st st.
Broeaview, IL 60155
Ph. 708 343-9595
Mine was bought in 2005 so don't know if this has changed, good luck.
I might get a couple of the small Eva Dry units to use on the boat and bring this one to my fishing camp where one is needed!
Steve W.
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