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Originally Posted by fryedaze View Post
Does anyone have any experience with these mounts? It looks like a cheaper option than other systems I have seem.
We have had one on our 9' Livingston for the last 15 years. We have a 4hp 4-stroke Yamaha on the dinghy. The mount is so simple there is nothing to break. It has operated totally reliably all the years we've had it.

The only drawback is that you have to get down on hands and knees to use it when the dinghy is in its upright stowed position on the swimstep. So if you have bad knees or have a hard time getting up and down like this, it might be a bit frustrating to use.

It has three locked positions: parallel with the top of the transom, 90-degrees from that in the run position, and a position 45 degrees between them.

In practice, I swivel the motor to the 45-degree detent before we lower the dinghy using our boom fall. Then when the boat is in the water I move the motor to the normal run position. Leaving the motor in its parallel stowed position all the way down to the water puts the motor head a bit into the water with a Livingston. It might not with a dinghy with more freeboard.

Retrieving the dinghy we do the opposite. We don't leave the motor in its run position when we haul the dinghy up into its stowed position because we have our Weaver standoffs mounted to give the dinghy a forward slant so the weight is pushing on the standoffs, not pulling on them. This would elevate the motor shaft above the horizontal and that's a no-no with a four-stroke motor.

But it's a great little mount, and between it and our use of the boom fall to launch and retrieve the Livingston, it's makes for a sort of poor man's Seawise davit.
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