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Points well taken in regards to speeds, boat types, and locations. We were looking at Washington mainly because it was the shortest drive, but also because we found the laid-back atmosphere of McCotters to be appealing. Any recommendations for other marinas like that?

I also have a "What would you do?" scenario to run by y'all. If I liquidate a few assets, we would have about $10K to work with right now. We are "on the bubble" as to whether to look for a 10K boat right now, or wait a few years and pay off a few other debts and use those funds for a down payment on something nicer? (Our home will be paid off in less that 5 years, and we recently bought a Kubota tractor that will be paid off around the same time.).

And no, we aren't afraid to put a little sweat equity into the right vessel to make it what we want it to be. Hey at 10K that's pretty much a given!
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