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RE: Winter dockage specials, better then hauling and winterizing!

I agree with Eric. The forum has a Classified section but I believe the administrators intended that to be for forum participants to list the things they want to sell or buy themselves. Otherwise the forum is ad-free. Given the current state of the boating industry I suspect that if brokers, yard owners, paint companies, charter outfits, you name it, knew they could promote their products or services for free on this forum we would be inundated with hordes of desperate ads for business.

It's one thing to answer a boater's question about yards in your area by saying there is one in such-and-such a location and the phone number is ...x... but I think it's a whole different deal to post an unsolicited advertisement for a business you own or are associated with.

It's not my forum to run so the decision is up to the administrators but like Eric I believe commercials like yours would be better off being posted on your own website, in magazine ads, etc.
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