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Hello from Indiana!

Hello world

I've been lurking in the background of this excellent forum for quite some time and, as many have commented, find it friendly and wonderfully helpful. Kudos!

About me...I'm in landlocked Indianapolis but have the Ohio River 2 hours to the South and Lake Michigan 3-4 hours to the North. Waterways await. But, my wife and I should have done this 20 years ago when we had more energy and money to pursue ownership. We just didn't have the time. Now that we're older and a few years from retirement, we have the time...just less energy and money

Charter is the way to go for us I believe and have received some excellent advice from others on this forum on training. We'd like to learn where we'll charter. Money tells me to do so in Lake Michigan...perhaps in Traverse City. I lived several years in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan and know there are superb cruising grounds there.

So, I'll continue to lurk, learn, ask the occasional question, and enjoy this great place.

Dennis Royalty/Indianapolis, IN
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