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Hello, everyone. I am a new member and have not used this site before.

I have a Grand Banks 32 with no generator and no A.C. (no need for A.C.). At my marina slip I have 30-amp power with a cord that has, I believe, an L5-30Rplug with a twist lock mechanism were it plugs into my boat.

I am considering buying a Yamaha EF 2400iSHC portable gasoline generator (or
comparable Honda) for my boat to power my battery charger, lighting, small appliances, etc., within the amp and wattage limits of the generator.

This is my question:

Is there an adapter cord or plug of some kind that will permit me to run electric from the generator directly to my boat outlet so I can run electric through my boat electrical system? Yamaha tells me there is a kit to do that for RVs but they were unable to answer my question insofar as my boat is concerned. The marina where I slip the boat is not very familiar with the portable units.

To anyone who has an answer, thank you very much.

Portland, Maine
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