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Folks this year the fantastic Dania Flea Market will be March 6 -9th , in the Dolphin Stadium outside Miami FL.

This is a fanatastic sale , with stuff (sometimes ) from local builders and dealers.

In the past I have bought a huge AC & DC new electrical pannel for $100, with about 150 ft ofd wire attached. 1/10 price.

Got 7 Balmar ports for $100 , new takeouts , fix a latch and save!

Other deals abound , but lots is quite used , so old clothes and dirty hands are a requirement.

Friends have got Obendorfer waste pumps , for $75 , list at $1100, or Galley Maid Macerators , again under $50.Might be a 32V unit and YOU need the gumption to hang your voltage motor , so ONLY for the advenyurous.

The Windlass folks are frequently there at 30% of "list".

You MUST use cash , and KNOW in advance the "worth" of what you are ;looking at, bring a Defender Industry catalog , not a Worst Marine , to have a reasonable Idea of the new price of what your dickering for.

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