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Originally Posted by Northern Spy View Post
Ron, ancora is likely inquiring about a SCA. IIRC, he has KAMD 40 series which are wet sleeved. It is quite common to replenish additive packages in diesel coolants and is often part of OEM recommendations.

Volvo changed over to a yellow coolant (VCS) which i think is an organic base, a few years back. So they may not be supporting the "old" green coolant directly anymore with SCAs.......... .
Volvo still sells the green coolant. Searching the Internet, I found that Volvo recommends that if you've been using the green you should not mix them and not try to convert your engine over to the newer yellow coolant. Apparently, you can never remove all traces of the green coolant and the results of even this small amount of green coolant will cause problems.

I buy my Volvo brand coolant from the local Volvo auto dealer. I think it's a couple dollars cheaper than at the Volvo authorized marine and heavy equipment service place and that place has a "list plus 3%" policy for credit card sales.

Volvo recommends replacing the coolant every two years in my engine and says nothing about additives if this coolant is used. The book may say something about additives if water is used for cooling rather than their coolant. Since I use the coolant I just skip over that part.

My engine is a TAMD41P, late 1999.
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