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88 Californian 45

I just purchased a very nice Californian 45 with twin 375 Cats in Jacksonville. My wife and I plan to use her as a relatively inexpensive liveaboard for the next 4-5 years while I am working down here in the Ft. Lauderdale area.

As a full-displacement trawler guy (past sales manager and charter captain for Great Harbour Trawlers), going back to planing hulls is turning out to be a re-learning experience! On that subject, I have a question for anyone with this style Californian. Which tanks do you draw from first? My broker insists that most people run the fuel out of their (relatively) high side auxiliary tanks first and then switch to the main (aft) tank. However, after running the boat the short distance from Jax to Green Cove Springs a few weeks ago, she sure seemed ass-heavy to me. Took a lot of tab to get the bow down and I was thinking that getting some of that weight out of the aft main tank might be preferable.

Any thoughts?

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