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RE: I could use some expert advice.

Sounds like your'e under-proped. One would need to know your gear ratio, displacement and hull design to be able to give anything but guesses. I have lots of experience w small boats like yours and could be of help. Don't over-prop. If your max hp is at 3000rpm then you should get 3000rpm at WOT (wide open throttle). The governor is there and set to 3200 to keep you from over speeding your engine. Max hp should be 2800 to 3000. If your boat is full displacement and 2 or 3 tons 20hp is probably enough power. Let's hear more about your boat and look for a plackard on the gearbox itself for the gear ratio. I ran my Albin w 34hp at 3450rpm (Yanmar) at 2750rpm most of the time but a 3000rpm engine should run 2300 to 2500 rpm most or all of the time. The most important thing is max hp rpm at WOT.

Eric Henning
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