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New here to research moving up to a trawler from 22' walkaround for the family

Hello! I'm a new member, hope this is the right forum for me. Currently we have a 22' Grady white and do short day trips on the Potomac River around DC and MD.

I'm quickly realizing that my wife is an "indoor boater" and just wants shade, maybe A/C, be able to cook, read, and enjoy the boat without being out in the sun, jumping waves, or fishing. RV'ing on the water is more her style. Being in the Navy, I like the idea of my own "ship" with lots of gadgets like radar, FLIR, electronics, planning voyages, exploring, etc.

We currently have 2 boys, aged 2 and 4. As long as they can jump in the water and swim, they're happy.

Next year we're going to try and sell our second home (we're both active duty Navy) which would open up the budget for a "second home" boat/yacht.

Budget would be a big factor- but with a 20 year note, maybe $100k is a realistic goal?

We want to expand to going out for the whole weekend, gunkholing in coves, exploring the Cheasapeake Bay, and we like the notion of taking a week off work and cruising the ICW.

What got us thinking along these lines was seeing the Ranger tugs at the baltimore boat show. It really got us thinking maybe a trawler is what we need.

I'd have to recalibrate my thinking of time/distance coming from speed boats, but since we wouldn't need to worry about getting back to the dock, load it, trailer it, put it away, etc. we'd have more time on the water.

I'm not sure if want to limit ourselves to a trailerable boat- we could potentially have to move anywhere in the country- but we're hoping to stay here for several years. I retire in less than 3 years too. She has longer.

Any words of wisdom for me to start research?

My short list of requirements so far:
Comfortable to sleep 2 adults, 2 kids. Stand up head/shower. A/C and heat with genset. Economical cruise. Handle rough choppy water. My dad thinks a flying bridge should be a requirement- It would be nice for good weather to drive from outside.
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