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Here is a very simplified version of a post I made a year or so ago on surveying a marine diesel engine. If it passes all of the following it is probably good for another 5,000 hours. But without doing something like this, there is no way of knowing. Anything said above is just generalities.

The Lehman and most normally aspirated diesel engines can often go 10,000 hours if used properly and taken care of properly. The following is an objective test of how well that was done in the last 5,000 hours.

1. Starts from cold within a few seconds of cranking. Probably the single most important test.

2. Smoke clears in a few minutes to just a light wisp.

3. Reaches rated wot rpm in gear. Does not overheat.

4. At cruising rpm open the oil filler cap and feel for blowby pulses. No pulses is good. Significant pulses indicate worn rings.

5. Oil pressure ok- 30+ psi at cruise.

6. Back at the dock, no fluid leaks. Fluid levels the same as before you left dock.

7. Open coolant fill cap after it cools down at idle. Look for bubbles. Bubbles is an indication of blown head gasket.

A prospective buyer can do all of the above himself or he can hire an engine surveyor and use this as a checklist of things to look for.

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