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Sounds like your deck pumpout line has a leak preventing the macerator from creating enough suction to prime and pump assuming they share the same pickup fitting on the tank. If the O-ring on the deck fitting cap is OK then you might have a cracked hose or fitting between the deck fitting and pump. Applying suction at the deck fitting and pumping simultaneously is likely enough vacuum to overcome the leak.

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I don't want to go too far off topic but on my just completed trip from Sidney to Whittier, AK my macerator stopped processing the holding tank contents. I assumed that the pump had malfunctioned so I went to a marina to pump it out. The pump out also did not do the job so I dug into the system and found that one of two vents was plugged. After unplugging it I tried it again with no results but tried the macerator while the pump out was connected. This resulted in the flow beginning. I carry lots of spares so I switched the pump out and checked all of the fittings. Still no flow without suction being applied to the waste pump out deck fixture. As I carry a wet vac I was able to evacuate the pump by applying suction to the deck fixture and activating the macerator.

I have a vacuuflush system with a sealand pump. The vacuum pump was turned off and the the seal at the heads was broken before we pumped out. The flow rate once I applied vacuum to the deck fixture was impressive, emptying the 60+ gallons in just a few minutes. I recently replaced all of the system's hoses and duck bills and had no problem for 6 months. His boat gets a lot of use(500+ hours/year) and i use digestive enzymes every 30 days.

Anyone have an idea what might cause this issue?

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