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RE: cleaning out freshwater system

Well, it seems I need to do more than just add some bleach to the lines! lol!!!
We spent the weekend on the boat for the first time Had a few little things pop up but the most interesting was with the water tanks and the water lines!

I have decided i am going to either replumb the boat or at least replace most all of the line fittings. Previous owner just used metal screw down clamps for his fittings. I have had 2 instances of the fittings coming loose out of the blue which is irritating.

As well, I think I learned that I need to clean out the tank vent line! I went to fill the tanks up today as they were only about 1/8 full. Old metal tank has been replaced with 2 large poly tanks under the aft bed and the tanks are connected together. So my son tells me after a few minutes that the tanks are full as water is coming out of the fill pipe. "No way," I say to myself. So down to check the tanks and to my surprise i see the aft bed raised up off the bed frame!! EEKK!!
I soon discovered the tanks were NOT venting at all and the water was wanting to displace the air and wow- never new a poly tank could expand like that!!
Doesn't seem any damage was done but this week I will have to pull the vent line and the fitting @ the hull and clear it all out.
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