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Originally Posted by jwnall View Post
Pull in to St. Marks for a bit. I'll buy you a beer, and we can swap boating lies. And talk about different TF people. :-)
Sounds like fun... our you could bring your Gulfstar out and anchor her by Alligator Point.

Spoke again yesterday with owner of shop doing engine swap. We will use my (incoming) tachometer for readings, comparing with his shop one to make sure the calibrations are identical. I'll learn what is correct.

The diver will come later in the week to do the prop swap.

And I finally ordered an infrared heat sensor gun. I've wanted one since they were $250 (too $$$) but found one on AZ for $20 from the same company that's sending the tach, so popped for it. I should have that tool in my arsenal now that it's come down in price.

And like AusCan suggests, knowing when the temps are creeping up in my manifold will be a good thing to know. This way when I do my engine room checks I'll have some base numbers and places to check.

Because I'm less likely to forget I'll probably paint numbers on the engine -- where to shoot for readings (1, 2, 3, 4, whatever) and will chart it in my logbook. Deviations will be dealt with prior to full-fledged problems developing. And if I paint the numbers I won't forget any.
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