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I'm not sure I'll get this all correct, but here's what I understand about the Hong Kong stop. That was the first stop for both the 120 and 86 leaving China, and reason number 1 has to do with the formalities of exiting China, and more specifically exporting the boat. Even though Xiamen (where the boats are built) is a HUGE shipping port, apparently it is much easier to depart/export via Hong Kong when you take a boat on it's own bottom. Next is that Hong Kong is a good shake-down cruise distance (I think around 300-400nm), and on each trip several of the key technical people from the yard when on that leg in case of issues, then flew back to Xiamen. Other crew then came on-board for the remainder of the trip. Getting those other people in and out of Hong Kong is much easier than getting them in/out of China if they don't already have a visa. There also are restrictions on who can captain a vessel in Chinese waters and in Hong Kong waters, and there was some juggling around that, but this part is very fuzzy to me. Anyway, those are the reasons I was given.
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