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Originally Posted by Olliedad View Post
This is great input - thanks. I'll look at the Manatee as well. I will need a dedicated office space that can be used for an occasional guest. Can the N37 and Manatee comfortably make the Bahamas? Labrador (from Nova Scotia)?
Define comfortably.....

If that means one time and I have all the time in the world to look for the perfect weather window......

Or does it mean, regular trips back and forth and I don't want to have to wait a couple of weeks for the right conditions......

This is where you get into figuring out your regular use vs. those occasional things you'd like to do. Also when you start talking "can do it" versus "comfortable doing it." As to the Bahamas, making Bimini the first stop, it's a very make-able trip. But that's 60 miles and a one day trip. To other areas at 200 miles or more, then careful window selection as now you're talking overnight and into a second day of weather. In any of these the gulf stream comes into play. If you were in Fort Lauderdale today contemplating the trip across in either of those, you'd not be planning it for this week. There are times of the year though you could do it. As to Nova Scotia to Labrador, I'm not as familiar but that area is in our future plans. Today, looking at Halifax Harbor, a strong wind warning in effect. I would personally say neither would be my preferred boat for that trip from Nova Scotia to Labrador. New Brunswick perhaps, but Labrador is a bit daring for me.
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