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Hello John

I wrote you this morn aboard our Tolly as my darling Linda slumbered. We've been paying close attention and much time to her 90 yr old mom for nearly a year now. Cruising and hooking/swimming days have become, and for some time will remain, relatively limited. This lucky weekend we have three nights and three days on boat. Arrived Thurs eve, leave Sun eve. This Fri morning and most of rest of today was a windy down pour... we stayed at dock (still here as I write this in eve - still raining too!); unusual for us to stay at dock. Tomorrow is predicted as sun with scattered showers - maybe?? We plan to motor out early if all seems OK.

Reason I mention my/our events is to thank you for what you shared as being another heartfelt reason that Linda and I try to appreciate every second of health for us and ours. Your share further awoke our senses to what is really important in life. Having carefully explained your situation to my wife, I/we thank you for posting.

I'm pleased to hear you will keep your boat - at least for a while, or longer. Boat will help you through, I believe, as it is really good medicine for what your mind now needs as time away from reality. I think if you remove boat from your life that the reality at hand may become even harder to for you to deal with.

Our concern, prayers and good thoughts are sent your and Sue's way.

Kind regards,

Art and Linda
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