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Thank you for the kind thoughts and generous support. It is a part of the process and I understand the direction we are heading and exactly where we will end up. My mother died from this disease in 2007, she was 95 and had lived with it for ten years. Sue was only 67 when she was diagnosed. She and my mother were close, making this even difficult to deal with.

I am truly grateful for our time together and the quality of that time. I never saw it coming, it was just there in our faces. As we get older, it becomes even more critical to enjoy today, tomorrow is a big question mark. I will keep the boat for now, and see where tomorrow takes us. You have all given me hope , along with faith it is all we really have.

Janice, thanks for the shared opinion always appreciated. Don, I will take you up on that invitation, you on the same dock ?

Thanks again folks. Find away to keep you spouse involved, it makes boating even more enjoyable.

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