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Under propped? thoughts?

I know that this has been talked about many times. i have read many great thoughts on the topic but i would like specific comments about my situation.

Boat is a Albin 27FC with the 78 Nissan.

for a cruising speed i am running 1800 at 1/3 throttle which gets me, in no current, about 6knts. I am able to hit the redline at slightly more than half throttle and that gives me 7-7.5knts. I am told by boat owners that the redline is 3K. The Nissan car people (ld28 is early/mid 80's Maxima) are saying 3800. Id rather error on the side of caution and call it 3.

I am not sure what pitch the prop is currently.

As for what i would like to accomplish, I am not necessary trying to gain cruising speed but i would like to have ability to run a little harder to fight currents when necessary. 6knots is OK but when i am fighting a 3knt current it makes for a slow ride and and somewhat limited maneuverability.
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