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Originally Posted by Sortie View Post
It breaks my heart see her like this. Sometimes I am ready to sell the Sue Marie, then I wonder what I would do without being able to spend a few hours a week on her.

Hindsight is always 20/20, but reality is not. We have had a wonderful marriage and full life together. I could never had found a better wife. Much of our good times was around the boating life style. We spent many happy evenings in the cockpit having a cocktail and enjoying the natural beauty around us.
You know, Sue Marie has brought you both much joy over the years... if there is a way to keep her, I would not change a thing. Hold on to the boat that formed so many of your happy memories. She's a Prairie29, and that's one heck of a nice boat.

You're five years into this journey -- (I took care of Mother for her last seven years) and we had to sell the boat as she was incapable of living aboard and my obligations prevented my move to her. Thus Mother came to live with me within a couple months of Daddy passing.

One of the biggest regrets is that Mother was not able to go to the boat anymore (sold boat) although there were always problems on outings as her dementia progressed. She loved the water and even walking the docks (or riding in her wheelchair) was helpful. She'd try talking with other boaters and with some guidance (basically I lied to her -- saying that "Ed had taken ours out on a charter and he'd be back in two days" or that "the boat was at the boatyard and while the sand blasting was going on we had to be ashore")

Anything to divert her attention, and I promised anything she asked -- usually on Thursday stuff would happen. (It was never Thursday.)

But as long as it is possible to go down to the boat for a few hours, I'd continue. Yes, I know that friends will become confusing at some point, but you're her stability. And the Sue Marie can be your escape valve.

Keep her.
At least that's what my unsolicited opinion is.

Reading of your love for your wife certainly reminds us all of the fragility of time. There's never enough. May you be blessed.........
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