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Originally Posted by Sortie View Post
My situation is somewhat different. My wife of 48 years , married into a family heavily involved in boating. She was from Pittsburg and had no boating interest at all. Most of my boating revolved around fishing, mostly big game. Over the years we used our sport fishing boats for weekend and week long cruisers. She has always been involved in everything around boating and other interest.

We retired to Florida, from Mass, in 2000. Our plan was to stay with the fishing/cruises for a while then switch to a trawler and do some extensive long range trips . In 2008 we started to execute our plan. In 2009 Sue was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. She is physically fit and healthy, she can not write her name or read it. She needs help getting dressed, bathing, walking etc. She constantly is striving to remember who she is and where she is. This past spring and summer we took our last weekend trip. This spring we took her last day trip.

It breaks my heart see her like this. Sometimes I am ready to sell the Sue Marie, then I wonder what I would do without being able to spend a few hours a week on her.

Hindsight is always 20/20, but reality is not. We have had a wonderful marriage and full life together. I could never had found a better wife. Much of our good times was around the boating life style. We spent many happy evenings in the cockpit having a cocktail and enjoying the natural beauty around us.

Wifey B: Your love for her just comes through your post so strongly. Has to be the worst disease. So tough on both patient and spouse/family. Glad you got the retirement years you have had in Florida. Should make all of us treasure today even more as none of us know about tomorrow. Wish I could hug you both right now. Do take care of yourself too, John.
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