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Originally Posted by IMG2 View Post
The bigger question is who is going to be your eyes and ears for this transaction if you can't see the boat yourself? If you don't have a trusted friend or relative, I'd suggest hiring a broker to represent you. Will an attorney know which surveyor to suggest, or which engine mechanic for the engine survey. Will they look at the boat to tell you what it looks like in person? Will they be able to take the helm for the sea trial and if they do all of this will it be for less than a broker. A buyer's representative splits any commission with the selling agent so if there is a broker involved with the seller, your broker won't cost you any additional expense. Me, I'd be hesitant to buy a boat without someone I knew and trusted looking at it and telling me what they saw.
IMG2, I do have the original surveyor who watched the boat during her entire construction as well as the original builder. This is a one -off high tech custom woodenboat of which I personally have a lot of knowledge and experience with so I'm comfortable on that end. Just don't like sending those big checks out without some back-up :-)
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