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Originally Posted by Eastsounder View Post
Hello Eric,
Could you please expand on this comment? Why is the Eagle 32 your favorite boat, and what do you mean by "(except power)"?

I ask because I'm interested in possibly buying an Eagle 32 trawler.

The Eagle 32is my favorite size and cabin configuration .. like a Nordic Tug. But unlike the NT the Eagle 32 is a full disp boat and requires much less power than the SD. VERY few boats fall into that classification. She's very good looking and has a very clever and useful fly bridge .. or FB alternative.

On the downside they are almost all around $100K (too much for me) and have too much power. Many have the 4cyl and if you think it is smooth enough and like an old British engine (think Triumph MG ect) that has overheating problems (read this site) you may be happy w it. I hear the 4cyl Lehman's do shake a bit. Eighty hp is even too much for the E32 but many E32s (probably over half) have the 6 cyl 120 hp Lehman VERY overpowered. With a SD hull like the NT 120hp would be appropriate but that's at least double what the E32 hull requires. Please take note of the fact that you are reading an OPINION. Many may/will disagree w me. If I could find one cheap so I could afford to repower w a 55hp engine like a Yanmar or Isuzu I could have what I want ... but I haven't seen one yet.

Many people here live w overpowered Lehman engined boats and are quite satisfied. The boat itself is great. Don't know of any structural problems or other but I am not in a position to know either. In short I love the boat but not the power.

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