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A February Day Out

Well the temperatures have turned cool this weekend with the high on the water forecasted to be around 65 degrees. Thick fog just offshore combined with a stuffing box which again is running a little warm kept us inside the bay today where there is sun and little to no wind at all. We dropped anchor in a small cove surrounded by yacht clubs and nice homes on the hill behind us. Monday I plan to call the yard and have the stuffing box packing redone. When the original owner had it performed in March it appears the crew packed things a little too tight. While it did cool way down the last two time out I'm tired of playing with this last remaining issues. Everything else on the boat is running fine.

As you know there is just something about be away from the dock and anchored out, it doesn't matter how close or far from home. Being able to do this in February wearing shorts is an added bonus. We brought some great food for lunch and have the margarita mix ready for later this evening, still a little early for me to start mixing in the afternoon.

We have a new CD from a local guy who was performing at the boat show on the surround sound. Its traditional Caribbean steel drums mixed with modern songs, very peaceful.

Mary and I have adjusted well to being back on the water and already discussing our next boat. We are averaging 2 nights per week aboard and come to appreciate the layout of this little boat. While we can move away from Nordhavn based on how we plan to use the boat over the next few years it would be difficult. Time will tell so in the mean time we are enjoying N3.
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