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Come-on, Don! Nobody with a Manatee can afford to be a snob. I understand from one of the Krogen headquarters reps that when Manatees first arrived on the market, they were looked down upon by 42' owners, and we were snubbed by our own Krogenites. It wasn't till the Manatees began appreciating in value after the millennium that we got any respect at all. Before the downturn in 2007, the best Manatees were getting 175 to 200K or more. The age and poor condition of quite a few sold these last years have taxed our limited snobbery quotient even further.

Now Sabre-Snob is as well known of a tag as any I've heard on the dock. It's initial usage was as a derogatory reference to Southern Gentleman Officers (Civil War) who considered the sword the only honorable fighting tool, and it's reputed that the boat company adopted the name from the attitude.

"When life gets hard, eat marshmallows”.
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