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Don't cruise in heavy weather cooking a pot roast!

Last week I left my marina on a day that was forecaster 10-15 knots NW in the morning with gust to 25 subsiding to 5-10 afternoon. I was on the first day of a two day journey to Annapolis. Since it was going to take me several hours to get to the mouth of the Potomac and it's hundred miles of fetch from the NW I thought I'd be OK and start a Crock Pot pot roast. While I was protected by the western shore all was well. When I started to cross the open fetch of the Potomac with the tide opposed to the wind which had been blowing for days all hell broke. The seas reached 6' vertical in a nice washing machine motion and interval. Needless to say the auto pilot really couldn't keep up. The wind was on the beam at 25-30 knots. I had to let go of the Crock Pot that was sitting harmlessly on a non-skid pad on the counter so I could avoid a capsize by hand-steering. The next sound was the ceramic pot shattering on the salon floor and the sight of the pot roasts (2) sliding on the floor. Now there is meat, broken pottery and meat juice everywhere. I'm still an hour plus from getting to the sheltered northern shore. Needless to say crawling on your knees on the salon floor wiping up meat juices in six foot chop does not do your body good. Did I mention the added benefit of consuming to many adult beverages the night before to add to the pleasantries?

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