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Peter is right that as you get up to a 52 the door improves a lot but if you are at 40 plus a cockpit, making it 44 or so it is often more of a glorified window than a door. I am limited to about 44 by cost effective and available dockage.

psneeld - interesting comment. right now I can't really think of a reason to be on a swim platform in crap weather or underway unless I am trying to rescue someone. Then it would not be about convenience and I would be tied on with a life line myself - I can understand where dock heights are low but everywhere I go you have to climb up to the dock. this year I made a extra side step between the rail and the salon wall so my wife could get on safely and still it is tricky . I think i higher deck with a ladder or passerelle would be the ticket - did I miss something?
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